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Your Endoscopic procedure will be scheduled through Lehigh Gastroenterology Associates. Dr. Hasan and Dr. Schwartz are American Board Certified Gastroenterologists, with advanced training in Endoscopy. The nature and purpose for the procedure will be discussed by the physician and/or his highly trained staff. Special preparation instructions will be provided. For Colonoscopies, this requires a gentle bowel cleansing the day before the procedure and fasting the day of for both Colonoscopies and upper Endoscopies (EGD). You should discuss all prescribed medications with your physician prior to your procedure so that individualized instructions may be created that don't interfere with the procedure.

Day Before Procedure

  • Preparation for an Upper Endoscopy

    Since the upper GI tract empties itself, there is no additional requirement to flush. You will be required, however, to fast for six hours afterwhich you may only drink clear liquids up to three hours before the procedure. You may also take medication as permitted by your physician's instructions. Make sure you follow your physician's instructions regarding all medications.

    Please see the FAQs regarding questions you have about medication.

  • Preparation for a Colonoscopy

    Since the bowel doesn't completely empty itself, you will be required to flush your digestive system prior to the procedure. You will recieve written instructions from your physician which will include when to start and when to end the preparation. Most patients are given up to four laxative pills which is then followed by sixty-four ounces of a clear laxative liquid. This preparation will cause bowel-cleansing diarrhea so it will be wise to conduct this at home. It may also be necessary to apply some kind of medicated wipes, Vaseline, or Desitin to your bottom to reduce inflammation or irritation caused by the prep.

    After undergoing the prep, your output should be clear or yellow liquid. There should be no solid stool left. From this point on, you may drink clear liquids only. You must stay away from any liquids containing red, blue, or purple dyes as they can confuse the results of your colonoscopy. Liquids may be consumed up to two hours prior the procedure.

    Please see the FAQs regarding questions you have about bowel-preparation.

Procedure Day

Your scheduled arrival time will be 30 minutes prior to your procedure. Prompt arrival will help insure that your procedure, as well as the procedures for other patients, will be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Wear as little jewelry as possible and leave valuable items at home. Bring a driver. Since you will be receiving sedative medication, you cannot safely drive a car or operate mechanical equipment for 8 hours. You must have a designated driver for your transportation. There are no exceptions. Without a driver, the procedure will be rescheduled. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our receptionist and escorted to the prep area. You will then change into a gown in a private area and an intravenous line will be started. A certified Nurse Anesthetist will provide your anesthesia, which is a fact acting intravenous sedative that creates a completely relaxed and pain free deep sleep throuhout the procedure. You will awaken immediately after the procedure and will not expereience any lingering sedative effects. Your vital signs, including your oxygen level, heart rhythm, and blood pressure are monitored throughout the procedure and recovery period.


Within 15 to 30 minutes after the procedure, you will escorted to a private consultation room where you can be joined by your family member or friend, if you choose. The physician will discuss the procedural findings and recommendations, and arrange any follow up procedures, office visits, and/or tests if needed.

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